About - Seth Goodwin

Greetings...I'm a photographer based in Norwich, Vermont. My primary interest is landscape photography. But I'm also drawn to other photographic genres such as architecture, portraiture, and street photography. I offer photography and printing workshops to individuals and small groups, do freelance work, offer my images and prints for sale, provide digital darkroom processing, and make fine art prints in my studio.

My journey has been winding and somewhat circular: Young Photographer (i.e. kid with camera) > Studied English and Creative Writing in college  > Outdoor Educator > Acupuncturist > High School Teacher > Back to Photography (a bit older and maybe wiser this time).  

I've been around cameras and photography since I was a kid working alongside my filmmaker/photographer father. What started as an avocation slowly grew into my current vocation as a professional photographer.

In previous careers, I was a high school English and history teacher in Vermont and New Hampshire. Before my classroom teaching I was an outdoor educator working at the Hulbert Outdoor Center and the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). My field experience from those years includes leading teenagers on canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, sea kayaking, and skiing trips. In between these teaching stints I studied acupuncture and maintained a practice in Hanover, NH and Royalton, VT. 

Travel is a passion of mine. Over the years my trips have taken me to climbing, hiking, and mountaineering destinations in the American West, Bolivia, Europe and Tanzania; to Europe, Canada, and throughout the United States for telemark skiing; to Baja California, British Columbia, Lake Michigan, and Maine for sea kayaking. And in 1989 I traveled to the former Soviet Union for a transatlantic sail from Saint Petersburg (Leningrad, at the time) to New York City aboard the schooner Te Vega.

In addition to this website, you can see more of my work by clicking on the social media icons. I welcome all inquiries and questions about my work, potential projects, and collaborations.

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